“But I got the sound I want the whole world to listen to..”


      Peace. OverDog Radio is proud to announce that we now have the 8PM ’til 11PM time slot on WEMF Radio. Here’s an ODR history lesson.. We started with the 11PM ’til 12AM slot, then upgraded to the 9PM ’til 12AM slot. As time went on, we felt the need to drop the last hour, but we missed it dearly. So now instead of 9PM ’til 11PM, OverDog Radio is finally back to three hours with 8PM ’til 11PM. Good stuff right?

      Tune in this Tuesday (1/19) to hear the first official broadcast with our new time slot (Tune in info, under “Radio”). Our first guests are Esh and Arc, and BFG (Black Fist Gang). Esh and Arc also have a album release show for their project “Death Doesn’t Want You” (Released only on Cassette and Vinyl) at the Middle East Upstairs on 1/22, there’s more info in our Calendar.

     Props to anyone who recognizes the title quote. Three finger salute.

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